Thursday, March 26, 2009

Class is in Session

I feel like a sexy school teacher in this outfit... how fun is that! The glorious spring weather has given way to a late storm... we're suppose to get snow this weekend :( So I had to bundle up when I went out for lunch and to run errands. 

Details: Sweater and Skirt, Thrifted. Boots, Nine West. Coat and Pin (on hat), Gifted. Gloves, Hen House. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Springy Sprung

Bright Colors... Warm Weather... Glory Hallelujah, Spring is HERE! 

Outfit Details: Sweater, Shirt, Pants and Scarf, all THRIFTED! Beret, ModCloth. Shoes, Steve Madden. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I heart Yellow

Up until I thrifted that yellow sweater a few weeks ago my wardrobe had a iron-clad, long standing yellow ban. For some reason I had it in my head that yellow looked terrible on me. Now, I still don't think it's my best color, but it just makes me feel so darn happy to wear that I find I can no longer resist its siren song (and for the life of me can't imagine why I ever tried). I took a quick trip to the thrift store this morning and this lovely yellow spring frock followed me home (as did another little yellow top with flowers on it). 

Also today my new necklace from arrived. I think it looks like an homage to my favorite bond movie "Octopussy", but Bear calls it my "Call of Cthulhu" necklace (he's a big H.P. Lovecraft fan). 

Outfit Details: Jacket and Strappy top, Thrifted. Jeans, Seven. Shoes, JCPenney. Necklace,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Weeks 'til Moving Day

My bangs are in desperate need of a trim. Weather is AMAZING today. I went out and purchased some new makeup, and Estee Lauder was offering a free gift with purchase, so I ended up with a lot of new loot. Score! 

This shirt is one of my thrifted pieces. The sleeves require cuff links, which I don't possess, so I used some vintage earrings instead. 

Outfit details: Shirt, Thrifted. Skirt, Thrifted. Belt, Dress Barn. Shoes, Marshalls. Cuff link/clip-on earrings: vintage. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dreaming of a New Place

Apparently I am drawn to white pants lately, seeing how this is the second day in a row they've found their way into my daily wear. I almost never wear this pair of pants - they're linen, so they're strictly warm weather only, and they wrinkle so quickly and badly that by the end of the day they end up looking like I picked them up off the floor. But they sure are comfortable!

Outfit Details: Sweater, Thrifted. Shirt, Thrifted. Pants, Boston Proper. Slippers, Marshalls. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tender Loving Care

I am so in love with this green sweater! When it found it while thrifting it was in pretty sorry shape. It was heavily pilled from too many washes. But it is still a vibrant, lovely color, and I saw its potential and snapped it up. A few days later I spent about an hour working on it with my depiller, and now it has new life again (and it's such a fun color for springtime!). 

Outfit Details: Sweater, Thrifted. Plaid shirt, Thrifted. Belt, Dress Barn. Pants, Express. Shoes, Nordstrom. Pearl Earrings, Gifted. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sunny Yellow

It has been an amazing 75 degrees for the last two days, which inspired me to wear one of my recent thrifted pieces. I've never thought yellow looked very good on me but this fun sweater is making me rethink my stance on my wardrobes yellow ban. Bear and I have been doing tons of errands for the move this week. I feel like we've visited every furniture store in town twice, but over all we're making progress. 

My posting will probably be sporadic for the next few weeks because of the move. But I still plan to do some thrifting when I can (because if there is a better stress relief that shopping I don't know what it is), and posting my cute finds. 

Outfit Details: Sweater-and-shirt combo, Thrifted. Skirt, Thrifted. Shoes, Nordstrom. Purse, Coach. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sweaters and Sunshine

After a pretty good snow storm this weekend today is sunny and warm (relatively). This sweater/shirt combo is another of my recent thrift store finds. It has pretty lace at the cuffs and collar. Would you believe that the only thing in this outfit that didn't come either from a thrift store or as a gift is my shoes (and I got them for 10$ at Payless). 

Outfit Details: Sweater/Shirt: Thrifted. Skirt: Thrifted. Tights, Gifted. Shoes, Payless. Earrings, Gifted. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Melancholy Blue

The last four or five days have been a bit of a roller coaster. There's been quite a bit of stress, and some excitement too. Mr Not-in-Pajamas and I decided this weekend that we are going to move into a new loft at the end of the month. It's a good decision, but moving is stressful. There are so many details! I tend to develop insomnia when I get stressed, and so I haven't been sleeping much at all. I spent much of today running around town buying moving boxes tape guns and sharpies, but I did get to fit in a quick trip to my favorite thrift store, where I picked up this really cute stripy shirt (and two bags full of other goodies that I'll show you over the next few weeks). 

Outfit details: Shirt (Gap) Thrifted. Jeans, Seven. Slippers, Marshalls. Pin (Actually a vintage clip-on earring), Gifted.  Pearl earrings, Gifted.