Thursday, September 10, 2009

URL Change

Important note!!!

I've changed my blog address from the rather rambling to: 

Please update so you don't miss my daily wear :)

Casual... Thursday?

Some offices practice casual Friday, but here at Casa Pajamas it's Casual Thursday. (Frankly I think a solid week of drab, grey, rainy weather is finally taking it's toll on me). I thrifted this shirt on my last trip - I really like it, especially the embroidery, but I think it may actually be a maternity top??!! (which I absolutely do NOT need, just so we're clear :) )

So, it kind of looks like I'm throwing an elaborate gang sign, but actually I'm showing the suspicious gather that makes me think this is a maternity shirt:

Outfit Details:
Shirt, Thrifted. Capris, Boston Proper. Sweater, Gifted. Shoes, Sketchers.