Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Full Disclosure

As it turned out what I had on this morning is not what I ended up wearing today. I had a ton of errands to run, and knew I would have to drag groceries up to our penthouse loft (no elevator), and I was determined to drag my newly purchased desk upstairs (which I only later discovered weighted 85 pounds (I begged our landlord to let me use the freight elevator for that, which helped, some). None of these activities were conducive to high-heeled boots and skirts, so I changed into cotton pants. Which variation do you prefer? 

Outfit details: 
Shirt, (thrifted) Eyeshadow. Pants, Ross. Jacket, Express. Shoes (not shown), Charlotte Russe.

A Little Bit Rock n' Roll

This outfit reminds me of that song with the lyrics "She's a little bit country... He's a little bit rock n' roll..." I like how the lace on the blouse softens what otherwise could be kind of a "hard" look. (I'm definitely more comfortable on the "softer" more feminine side of things). 

Outfit Details: Blouse, (thrifted) Eyeshadow. Skirt, (Thrifted) Valerie Stevens. Boots, Ebay. Belts, Target.