Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bass Line Groovin'

Outfit detail: 
Dress, had for years, can't remember where I picked it up. Tank, (J.Jill) Thrifted. Shoes, Payless. 

Craft Quandary and a Poll

I'm working on adding some decoration to some yoga pants by embroidering around the bottom of the legs and at the waistband. My first vision was to do a reverse applique technique, where after stitching out the shapes I cut out the middle of the black fabric to reveal blue fabric underneath. But now that I have the stitching done I am having second thoughts. What do you think? Should I go ahead and cut out the fabric to reveal the blue, or should I is the stitching enough? 

These are the pants as they are right now: 
And this is an example of the reverse applique technique, only for the pants the colors would be black and blue, with white thread: 
What should I do with these yoga pants?
Go ahead and do the reverse applique - the blue and black will look nice.
Don't do the reverse applique - the white stitching is enough all by itself.
Other - I'll tell you in the comments. free polls