Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Day

Today turned out to be a wonderful day. I got an amazing haircut from the very talented Oz over at Roca Salon and Day Spa, I got two new lipsticks from Bare Escentuals (via a gift card from my mom from Xmas), and found some absolute steals at Victoria's Secret because I just happened to go there today to make an exchange and discovered they were on the final days of their semi-annual sale. I went in with one bra and came out with three, plus seven pairs of undies for only 35$ over my exchange.... Woo Hoo! I was in such a good mood after that I went on a whim over to the Nelson and enjoyed their unparalleled modern art exhibit (and the creative fashions of some of the other young women perusing the halls). While walking around the museum I reached in my jacket pocket and found twenty bucks. And I'm leaving for Hawaii in less than four days. That alone is enough to evoke a good mood!

However my day didn't start out that great, and I think my outfit choice sort of reflects that. I woke up late and wasn't feeling all that well, and was rushing around so I wouldn't be late for my salon appointment. Hence the turtleneck and jeans ensemble... quick and easy. But by the afternoon I was just so darn happy I felt like I should have been wearing brighter colors. Oh well. It was sensible and warm and versatile, and it worked at all the places I went today.

Outfit Details: Turtleneck: Old Navy. Jeans, Seven. Boots, Kohl's. Belt, It has been in my closet so long I honestly can't remember.