Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blue and Raining

The votes are in on your favorite new hairstyle and it looks like #1 squeaked by for the win, with just two votes more than #3. #2 didn't get anybody's vote, so it's straight out of consideration. My hair appointment is tomorrow at 2pm and I'm still not sure which one I will pick, though I am leaning towards #3. (#1 and #3 are actually both of the same actress, and my thought is that the shorter bangs in #3 will grow into a look more like #1 eventually). Check back tomorrow to see the results.
Yesterday was so beautiful - nearly 70 degrees and sunny. Today, on the other hand, is rainy and about 45 degrees. I love the rain, but sure would have enjoyed a few more days of early spring. The blue cardigan and the scarf (worn as a belt today) are both from yesterday's thrifting expedition. 

Outfit Details: Sweater and Scarf: Thrifted. Camisol, Old Navy. Skirt, Ross. Boots, Nine West. Necklace, (1929) Gifted.