Friday, June 5, 2009

DIY: Bracelets

I made these fun bracelets in just a few hours and for only a couple of bucks each and so can you. Here's a step-by-step of how I created them. 

First, I gathered supplies: wooden unfinished bracelets that I picked up for 3 bucks a piece at a local craft store, paints, a drop cloth (to protect surfaces from paint), decoupage for a glossy finish, paint brushes, and water. 

Next I cleaned and dried my bracelets, then applied an undercoat of paint to both the outside and inside surfaces of the bracelets. 

Then I applied the design. This one was inspired by a perfume ad: 

On the next bracelet I painted some strawberries for a fun summer theme. 

After the design is finished I applied several coats of decoupage to seal the piece. I used a glossy finish, but decoupage also comes in a matte finish if that is more your style. 

Voila! Here are the finished bracelets. 

First Friday

I live in the art district of Kansas City and every first friday of the month all the galleries open and invite everyone to come see their artwork. There are street performers, musicians, vendors, and people galore (tonight there was even a large group of people dressed up as zombies for some inexplicable reason). Mr. Not-In-Pajamas and I went out to join the festivities. Here is what I wore to mingle with 50,000 or so of my fellow Kansas Citians. 

Outfit details: 
Sweater, Dress and Belt, all Thrifted. Shoes, Dollhouse (purchased at Marshalls). Bracelet, Nordstrom. 

Vote for Summer!

Here's another pretty summer dress I've recently acquired at the thrift store. 

Outfit details: 
Dress, Thrifted. Shoes, Macy's.