Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hearts and Pearls

This dress is one of my brand new finds from my recent thrift shopping expeditions. I got it for $3 and absolutely adore it. But I have to be honest, dear reader, the boots were only worn for your benefit. I didn't actually go anywhere today, so this is what I wore while doing housework. Yep, the rest of the day was spent in those fuzzy slippers (bottom photo). But here is why this little red number is my new favorite dress: when my guy came home and saw me he said that I looked, and I quote, "glamourous". After doing laundry and cleaning all day!!! I'm giddy. 

Outfit Details: Dress, Thrifted. Tights, Target. Socks, Hot Topic. Necklace, Newport News. Boots, Nine West. Headband, drugstore. 

(Sorry for the shiny boob! darn flash!)