Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Purple Page Boy

I picked up this hat today while browsing for tea mugs at World Market. (And I found a cute mug with a monkey on it!) The details on the shirt didn't come out all that well in the photo - it has a beautiful pleated collar and some additional pleating on the bodice. 

Outfit Details: Shirt, BCBG (Bought at Marshalls). Camisole, JCPenney, Jeans, Reference. Boots, Nine West, Necklace, Dress Barn. Hat, World Market. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Whole Lotta Blue

Apparently I was in a blue mood today - dark blue shirt, blue cardigan, blue tights - but it was a great way to showcase my fun new purse that Bear bought for me during some recent President's Day shopping. 

Outfit details: Cardigan, Thrifted. Shirt, Old Navy. Skirt, Express. Tights (Vera Wang), Kohl's. Purse (Candie's), Gifted.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Culture

Bear took me out to see a ballet tonight. We had such a lovely time. Afterwards we headed to our favorite restaurant - a 24 hour diner called Hayes that makes the best grilled cheese sandwich in town. What a perfect evening! 

Outfit Details: Dress, Dress Barn. Tights, Vera Wang. Shoes, BCBGirls 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pastel Ninja

It was SO cold today. Cold enough to see my breath at 2pm - with the sun shining. I always get fooled. Coming from Southern California I still equate sun with warmth, a dreadful mistake in the midwestern winter. So here is what I wore to combat the cold. My shirt is another one of my killer finds while thrifting: a Michael Kors shirt I nabbed for five bucks! 

Watch out for my mad ninja skills! 

Outfit Details: Shirt (Michael Kors) Thrifted. Camisole, Old Navy. Pants, Express. Shoes, Ebay. Scarf, Pashima. Coat, Gifted. Pearl Earrings (Which I took a photo of but they came out blurry), Valentine's day gift from Bear. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blue Collar Corporate

Today's look is quite corporate. I definitely would have worn this to an office back in my executive assistant days. Though I don't go into an office anymore (and am wearing this to do laundry, among other things) I think it fits the image of a successful writer quite well too. (Now just to get to the successful part!) 

Outfit details: Shirt (Anne Taylor), Thrifted. Skirt, Thrifted. Shoes (Vera Wang), Marshalls. Necklace, Newport News. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Safari Casual

I did a little experiment with my hair today and let it air dry, just to see how it would turn out (hence why it looks kinda flat and wavy). I just love this new shirt (another of my recent thrifting finds), though the light pink seems to wash me out a bit. It has this great detail on the sleeve with a button that pulls up the bottom that I think is so cute. The safari look was appropriate today, as I rediscovered my love for the game Zoo Tycoon 2 (with endangered species expansion pack). 

Outfit Details: Shirt, Thrifted. Undershirt (camisole), Old Navy. Pants, Marshalls. Belt, Don't Remember. Shoes, Sketchers. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Here is my new hairstyle. I just love it! I think that Oz at Roca Salon did such an amazing job, both with the cut and the color. At the eleventh hour I decided to go with the popular vote and asked for the cut from Picture #1, but Bear (Mr. Not-in-Pajamas) says the finished product looks more like #3 than #1. Either way, I like it so much. It's amazing how a different cut can change a whole appearance.  

Thank you so much everyone who voted and helped me decided on a new look. I love the change. 

I didn't get a pic of my shoes today (just those same black stilletto heels you've seen before - Bear was more focused on my haircut when he took the pics, I guess).  

Outfit Details: Shirt:, Jeans: Seven. Boots, Nine West. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blue and Raining

The votes are in on your favorite new hairstyle and it looks like #1 squeaked by for the win, with just two votes more than #3. #2 didn't get anybody's vote, so it's straight out of consideration. My hair appointment is tomorrow at 2pm and I'm still not sure which one I will pick, though I am leaning towards #3. (#1 and #3 are actually both of the same actress, and my thought is that the shorter bangs in #3 will grow into a look more like #1 eventually). Check back tomorrow to see the results.
Yesterday was so beautiful - nearly 70 degrees and sunny. Today, on the other hand, is rainy and about 45 degrees. I love the rain, but sure would have enjoyed a few more days of early spring. The blue cardigan and the scarf (worn as a belt today) are both from yesterday's thrifting expedition. 

Outfit Details: Sweater and Scarf: Thrifted. Camisol, Old Navy. Skirt, Ross. Boots, Nine West. Necklace, (1929) Gifted. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 5AM Librarian

First off I must confess that I have been up since 5am, so if I look a bit, ahem, worn out in these photos that's probably the reason. Mister Not-in-Pajamas had an early AM flight for a business trip this morning so we were up before dawn (I always insist on taking him to the airport, and picking him up when he returns home again). Since I was up so early I did some errands, then treated myself to a stop at a thrift store I haven't tried before. It was heavenly!!! Huge store, with a great selection, and not very crowded. I was there almost two hours, and left with 7 shirts, 2 cardigans and a scarf, all for 24 bucks. This sweater-shirt combo is one of my new pieces. I'm having so much success with thrifting lately that I honestly don't know if I'll ever go back to retail stores. Outfit Details: Sweater-shirt combo: Thrifted. Skirt (100% wool) Thrifted. Shoes, Newport News. Necklace, Dress Barn. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Haircut

I've had the same basic haircut for, oh, a decade. I'm thinking about a change. Namely: Bangs. I know, it's a big step. Okay, not really, but for someone whose had the same cut for ten years there is more than a little hesitation about making a change. So, I put it to you, dear reader. Here are some photos of haircuts that I like and am considering for my new look. 

Which one do you like best? 


Which Haircut is your favorite for my new look?
The First One: Thick and Chic
The Second One: Messy and Playful
The Third One: Short and Piecy free polls

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blue and White

Outfit Details: Cropped Blazer, Reference (Buttons added by me). Shirt, H&M. Slacks, Express. Shoes, Steve Madden. Belt, Reference, Purse, Coach (Gifted). Earrings, Target. 

Here's what I wore while I was out running errands today. Originally I had a lavender collared long sleeve shirt on under the blazer but it was really warm so I changed into this. I'm so glad I did, as I really like the blue on blue combination. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner Date

Tonight my boyfriend and I went to a lovely restaurant for a date night. We were actually supposed to go last night, but since I wasn't feeling well we moved the reservation to tonight. I wore one of my new dresses from that I got for Christmas. It's empire waisted, which can be a bit tricky. I discovered while taking photos that from some angles it looks a bit like a maternity dress. In the future I will belt it. Anyhow, here is how I wore it tonight. 

Outfit Details: Dress, ModCloth. Tights, Gifted. Boots, Nine West. Bracelet, Neiman Marcus. Earrings, Gifted. 

Late entry to the Mrs. Obama Challenge

I'm so bummed! I was sick in bed with a migraine yesterday, and missed joining the other lovely ladies in participating in the Michelle Obama Challenge hosted by Thrifty Muse. I went ahead and wore my version today, just for fun. Be sure to check out the other entries at the Thrifty Muse blog. Everyone looks amazing! 

Outfit Details: Sweater, Ross. Turtleneck, Kenneth Cole (Marshalls). Skirt, Thrifted. Pearls, Claire's Boutique. Shoes, Liz Clairborne (Marshalls). 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Purple Safari

I was going for a casual safari look today. It was a beautiful day outside, sunny and warm (relatively), so I took advantage of the chance to wear lighter fabrics. My pants are a little rumpled in the photos from being worn all day (as I took these photos mid-evening, after sitting through two films and cleaning the bathroom). The necklace is the great piece I picked up a few years ago. It's long, so I wore it doubled for today's application. It's got all these nobby stone and plastic pieces strung on raffia (see detail photo). 

Outfit Details: Shirt, H&M, Pants, Ross, Necklace,
 Boston Proper, Belt, Don't remember, Shoes (well, slippers really) Gifted.