Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 5AM Librarian

First off I must confess that I have been up since 5am, so if I look a bit, ahem, worn out in these photos that's probably the reason. Mister Not-in-Pajamas had an early AM flight for a business trip this morning so we were up before dawn (I always insist on taking him to the airport, and picking him up when he returns home again). Since I was up so early I did some errands, then treated myself to a stop at a thrift store I haven't tried before. It was heavenly!!! Huge store, with a great selection, and not very crowded. I was there almost two hours, and left with 7 shirts, 2 cardigans and a scarf, all for 24 bucks. This sweater-shirt combo is one of my new pieces. I'm having so much success with thrifting lately that I honestly don't know if I'll ever go back to retail stores. Outfit Details: Sweater-shirt combo: Thrifted. Skirt (100% wool) Thrifted. Shoes, Newport News. Necklace, Dress Barn.