Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do Blondes Indeed Have More Fun?

So, I'm been considering dying my hair blonde for some time now. Both of my best friends are blonde, even my mom is blonde. And, truth be told, once in the way back machine (and I mean way way back), I dyed my hair blonde, and it looked amazing!!! (until the roots grew back in and my poor younger self couldn't afford the upkeep.

But now I find myself at a place in life where I have both the time and resources to maintain a change to blonde, or blue, or purple, or any dang color I choose, if any at all (except red, that was done with rather disastrous results.)

So, it's up to you, dear readers, what's your opinion? Should I go blonde, or stay my brunette self? I've taken some photos today with a blonde wig. (and is it just me, or do my boobs seriously look bigger today?! wow - Blonde is powerful stuff!!!)

Should I Go Blonde or Stay a Brunette?

Go Blonde

Stay Brunette

Other - I'll tell you in the comments.


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Dress, thrifted. Shoes, dollhouse


  1. New follower because I loved the name of your blog!! And I love those shoes!

  2. I've had lots of different colored hair over the years and blonde was the hardest to pull off. It looked great while I was tan, but turned me too pale later. I'm red now and it's really fun! One of my GFs gradually goes blonde by getting a little more highlighted in different shades until she's all blonde.

  3. Thanks for all of the votes and comments! At the advice of my wonderful stylist Oz, I'm officially staying with the brunette (my natural color). Thanks again for all of your help in making this decision!!!

  4. i really really support this decision! i guess i'm biased because i generally just don't like blonde hair (especially fake) but i have to say you look so much more beautiful as a brunette; your features and your gorgeous skin stand out SO much more. hooray for dark hair!