Thursday, December 17, 2009

False Advertising?

So, okay... full disclosure... I went to Vickie's Secret and picked up two of those new push-ups that are suppose to boost you two whole cup sizes. Well, here I am in it, clearly larger than I am in real life ("they look inflatable" was what my husband said when he saw them). So, what do you think? Too much?

Outfit Details:
Thrifted. Necklace, Forever 21

Is this too much "false advertising"?

Nope, looks fabulous! Only you and your hubby (and now all of us) know it's not the real deal.

Yes - Good Lord woman, you could put somebody's eye out with those things.

Eh.... Whatever.


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  1. I think it would look more appropriate under a different style top. I've owned a similar VS bra which was OMGBAZOONGAS in some tops and in others just made me look busty~

  2. You are perfect as you are - you don't need them.

  3. I agree with Sue - you seem to be perfecty balanced without them. I was even wondering what kind of bra you wear before you got the VS ones but was too embarassed to ask.