Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grandpa Roland

This is a photo from my trip last week to Michigan to visit my Grandpa. He was just moved into a nursing home and misses his independence, so I thought a visit might cheer his spirits. He is a beautiful, kind, funny man whom I am honored to be related to. I'll never forget when, as I bent to kiss him goodbye, he said, "You're such a pretty girl," and he had the sweetest look in his eyes. Magic. He's the eldest of twelve children, born in Michigan, loves golf and dogs,  and is kind to all of his caretakers, fearful of being a burden to anyone. Though his hands tremor with parkinsens they are long and graceful. Though he can no longer read his eyes are clear and blue like the deep ocean. I love him very much.  

What we're wearing: Smiles!

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  1. Sorry I haven't left any comments on your blog for such a long time. I was surfing this morning and ran across this post.

    So touching and so beautifully written! Brought tears to my eyes. I forwarded a copy of the post to Uncle Fred, hoping he'll show your granddad.