Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Year's Resolution

Hi there! I'm Sarah and this is my new blog. I've found myself very inspired by the fashion blogs I've recently discovered, so inspired, in fact, that I've decided to give fashion blogging a whirl. 

Here is my outfit from yesterday (sorry for the two photos for the full outfit - still figuring out the whole tripod-photo-taking thing.): 

Also, sorry for the bitch-face... I think I was trying to look sultry, but it, um, didn't work.

Outfit details: Undershirt, H&M. Lace shirt, Reference. Belt, Arden B. Jeans, Seven. Shoes, Payless. Earrings, Express. Bracelet, Gifted. 


  1. Oh but, darling, it's not a bitch face, it's absolute fabulosity. I was hoping you'd go with some fancy shmancy. See, that's the problem with Stacey on "What Not to Wear." Always snide and pinchy, definitely not fabulous.
    I'm already holding myself back from forwarding your blog to modeling agencies...

  2. simply magnificent! i am IN LOVE with this lacy top and belt combo! nicely done!

  3. Just ran across your blog. Welcome to the world of fashion blogging!

    Very cute outfit -- I think it would look great with some darker trouser jeans too.