Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twice as Nice

Here is my outfit from today. Now, I will admit that once I had this all on and looked in the mirror, the very first thing that came to mind was Yoda's voice from Star Wars saying, "Too old. Too old to begin the training," except instead of "to begin the training" he said "to wear this outfit." But I kept it on anyways, even if it is more twenty-something than early thirty-something because it felt fun, and yes, young, and in the middle of winter in the midwest I need a little silliness. But what do you think? Too young? Seriously, I'd like your opinion. Common, I can take it. After all I am a big girl :) 

Outfit details: Tights, necklace, tall socks and skirt, Target. Bracelet and Grey Tank, Hot Topic. Pink Tank, Old Navy. 

(So, you're wondering why my shoes aren't in the photos? Well, truthfully, I started off the day in really cute tall boots, but by the time I took this photo tonight I was already in my fuzzy slippers) 

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  1. I likey. Cute blog, clothes and lady.